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Welcome to My Playmates. Based in Manchester we have available for you tonight premium escorts for outcall appointments only, where you can give in to your deepest desires. If this is something you’re craving call us to make an appointment with elite female escorts in Manchester and soon you’ll be riding high on waves of pleasure. As you are about to learn, we are an exceptionally professional and dependable female escort agency in the heart of Manchester serving the North West and we only deliver the sexiest and most stunning girls.

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Lorette - 07034743373

Age: 33 | Price per hour: £50

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Armin - 07034956211

Age: 20 | Price per hour: £60

Jessy - 07034956282

Age: 23 | Price per hour: £200

AMELIA - 07034743367

Age: 25 | Price per hour: £100

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Age: 24 | Price per hour: £60

Krystyna - 07034956276

Age: 25 | Price per hour: £50

Flora - 07034956260

Age: 28 | Price per hour: £140

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